Main Lineup

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NBR Pos Player Name Foot Age Height Weight
01 GK Nick Rodgers Right 18 66拻 205 lbs
04 DF Mark Ironson Right 17 61拻 189 lbs
03 DF Brian Kingster Left 16 52拻 186 lbs
22 DF James Girobilli Right 18 62拻 198 lbs
05 DF Thomas Black Left 17 58拻 194 lbs
08 MF Christofer Grass Left 18 56拻 176 lbs
02 MF Spike Arrowhead Right 17 55拻 180 lbs
26 MF Griffin Peterson Right 17 66拻 184 lbs
07 FD James Messinal Left 18 58拻 176 lbs
09 FD Franklin Stevens Right 16 59拻 196 lbs
18 FD David Hawkins Right 18 63拻 202 lbs

Games Schedule

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Date Versus Time Venue Tickets
Saturday, Mar 24
Lucky Clovers
St. Patrick抯 Institute
9:00PM EST Madison Cube Stadium Buy Game Tickets
Friday, May 31
Red Wings
Icarus College
9:30PM EST Alchemists Stadium Sold Out
Saturday, May 8
Wyvern College
10:00PM EST Scalding Rock Stadium Buy Game Tickets
Friday, May 14
Aqua Keyes
Pacific Institute
10:00PM EST Alchemists Stadium Buy Game Tickets
Saturday, May 22
Icarus Wings
Waxer College
10:30PM EST The FireStar Arena Sold Out
Saturday, May 29
Bloody Wave
Atlantic School
9:00PM EST Alchemists Stadium Buy Game Tickets

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